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Braun Strowman describes his crazy travel schedule due to WrestleMania 36

After losing his Intercontinental championship to Sami Zayn in early March at Elimination Chamber, it didn’t look like Braun Strowman was originally in the plans for WrestleMania 36. But Roman Reigns decided to take care of his health and pull out of a Universal championship match with Goldberg, which meant Vince McMahon needed a replacement.

That replacement turned out to be Braun Strowman, who went on to defeat Goldberg in roughly two minutes to bring home the gold.

Strowman had an interview with SuperSport where he described just how hectic his travel schedule was due to the last minute change of plans:

“I have some land up in Wisconsin, I have 80 acres out in the middle of nowhere, I think there are 400 people in the whole town. I thought ‘if I’m going to be on lock down, I’d rather it was out in the middle of nowhere’ so I loaded up my things in my car and drove 21 hours to Wisconsin. I got 1 hour away from my property in Wisconsin and I got a phone call from the Chairman of WWE saying there has been some last-minute changes… we need you; we’re sending a jet, it lands at 9pm. So, I made it to Wisconsin long enough to grab a quick bite of dinner… and headed to the regional county airport and jumped on a four-seater jet. It reminded that you have to be on 24-hours a day because – you never know. Kudos to our team for making it happen and getting me back to Florida, then returned back in a 24-hour period with minimal contact with other human beings. Kudos to the company for getting me down there and making it happen.”

That’s a hell of a lot of traveling. After going through all that, Strowman damn sure better have won that title from Goldberg.

You can check out the rest of the interview to see Braun’s thoughts on his work ethic, facing Bray Wyatt, cinematic wrestling matches, and more.

And let us know in the comments about your craziest workplace travel story.

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