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Seth Rollins calls for unity after today’s cuts, is upset by ‘hostility toward WWE’

For the most part, Seth Rollins’ reaction to today’s cost-cutting measures from WWE is spot on. He speaks of the empathy he feels towards those who lost jobs, and who are sad to see their friends leave the company. He’s grateful that he still gets paid to do something he loves. He calls for people to come together, and reminds us that our current struggles with the way the pandemic has changed our world will pass.

But in the middle of that, he does the same sort of thing he did last summer & fall - and that led to his going from fan favorite to someone WWE had almost no choice but turn heel.

“It is just a difficult day for all of us. My heart is broken for the guys and girls who I’m really close with who had it the worst today. And that goes for, you know, talent you guys love on screen, but also everyone backstage too, who’s off-screen, who may not get the social media fanfare that some of the talent is getting.

But one thing I am seeing, that is a little upsetting to me is, all the negativity and hostility toward WWE. This is a difficult day for everyone. For all of us. And I think, if ever there was a moment for us to unify, to band together and to try to do the best we can to try and keep this business alive the best we know how, this is that moment. And I think pointing fingers, or saying, ‘You should have done this, you should have done that’ is - I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel like the time or the place for it. I feel like this is a day for compassion, and for empathy, and for understanding, and to try and support each other, you know? To pick each other up.

And that’s for everybody. That’s not just for the guys and girls who are let go, but for all of us who are fortunate enough at this moment to still be able to have a position where we can collect a paycheck and we can support those who love us and those around us. And I think that we have to take it upon ourselves to work harder to make sure there’s a place for all those who again had it the worst today to come back to. I think as a planet, we can rally around the idea that this is only temporary.”

It’s a good message, and Seth has tried to refocus us on the positive parts of it in tweets after his Instagram Live started making the rounds.

It’s understandable that he’s frustrated people are focusing on only a portion of his message. But it’s also understandable his calling for more civility towards his bosses would stick out for fans - partly because there’s nowhere else to direct that anger right now (except for maybe toward a virus), and partly because of his persistent attempts to stand up for the company last year.

Focusing on the themes of compassion, empathy, understanding, and supporting one another will serve us all better in the long run. But no one, including Seth it sounds like, will judge you for your anger today.

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