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Tommaso Ciampa ends one feud and starts another

Tick tock.

The main event of the April 15 edition of NXT was promoted as a question. Would Tommaso Ciampa be a man of his word and admit Johnny Gargano is the better man? Gargano did pin his last week in their “empty building” match, albeit with an assist from Candice LeRae and a protective cup.

Sure enough, Ciampa did. He just wants to put his years-long issue with Johnny behind him.

Not that he has much choice. Before he could finish his statement, he was attacked. The camera was knocked to the floor, so we could only hear the beating he took. But before the camera faded to black, we saw a boot that looked like something Scarlett Bourdeaux would wear. Then we saw her man, Killer Kross, lower his own head to tell Tommaso “tick tock”.

Why has Killer Kross made it his mission to come for the Blackheart?

My guess is because he’s disgusted by the weakness he showed, apologizing to Gargano and conceding he’s the better man. But we shall see.

Give us your guesses below, and check out the live blog for anything you may have missed on tonight’s NXT.

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