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Worked shoot master CM Punk weighs in on the Ronda Rousey ‘fake fighting’ controversy

The Voice of the Voiceless returned to WWE Backstage last night (April 14). CM Punk and the rest of the Renee Young-led panel mostly hyped next month’s Money in the Bank PPV, but they did tackle one of the hot button issues dominating the wrestling conversation of late.

No, not ethics of continuing to produce shows during a pandemic. The other thing people on all sides of the business can’t stop talking about... Ronda Rousey calling wrestling “fake fighting”.

Booker T was not a fan, more or less saying Ronda was what she labeled WWE fans - ungrateful. The Hall of Famer also said he feels Rousey owes every woman in the locker room an apology. Punk, on the other hand, embraced the controversy, but in a “some men just want to watch the world burn” kind of way.

“She [Rousey]’s doing her job. I love this. This is pure chaos and I don’t see this ending well, whether it’s real or scripted, but it’s going to be fun to watch. It’s fantastic to watch everyone bite on it and get butthurt.

Everyone says ‘Ronda is soft’ because she got knocked out twice. ‘She’s not a real fighter. She’s not a real wrestler.’ She’s got them wrapped around her finger. Wrestling is best when you blur the lines. ‘These two really don’t like each other. She just punched her in the face.’

Where I think she’s going to get in trouble is when she says ‘I’m real, everything else is phony,’ you’re not on thin ice anymore, you’ve fallen through the ice and you’re in the water. It’s going to be interesting to see how they tiptoe around that.”

As someone who makes a living encouraging people to talk about wrestling-related topics, and who as a fan has always loved playing “work or shoot?”, I get Punk’s take. I’m just not sure WWE can “tiptoe around” Ronda’s latest kayfabe-breaking tirade. Why do I care if she wins or loses when she keeps reminding me it doesn’t matter?

Maybe she should consult Punk before her next attempt at working a shoot into a work (goodnight HULKAMANIACS and jabronie marks)? He’s pretty good at it.

And when they’re done talking about that, they can bond over how badly each of their last two trips to the Octagon went.

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