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Los Ingobernables de WWE

When Austin Theory was brought in to replace an injured Andrade as Angel Garza’s partner for the Raw Tag Team title match at WrestleMania 36, it seemed like a temporary arrangement. He’s a heel they company clearly has plans for. They needed a last minute substitution. No one knew how the first two-day, pre-taped, empty arena ‘Mania was going to be received - so at best Theory got some exposure, at worst everybody forgot about it until later when they could properly re-debut him.

But the show was extremely well liked, and the 22 year old acquitted himself well. He showed some chemistry with Garza and their mutual business associate Zelina Vega.

On April 13, the first Raw filmed since the Showcase of the Immortals (the fallout episode last week was actually taped before WrestleMania), it not only appears like he’s sticking around... it looks like he’ll be joining Andrade, Angel and Zelina in a stable/faction.

I’m curious what others think about this alliance, because I’m surprised how much I like the idea.

A lot of it is because of Andrade’s history as the founding member of heel groups. He no longer wears a mask and goes by La Sombra, but he’s kept the other trappings of CMLL’s Los Ingobernables during his WWE run. Last night, that included the fist bump salute pictured above.

There’s not too much of an “ungovernable” vibe to the group, but there’s plenty of swagger to go around. That’s where “All Day” Austin Theory fits, even if he doesn’t have a connection to Mexico like the other two men in the group. He does give the group something other than a shared language/ethnicity, which I actually like. Not that an lWo 2.0 wouldn’t be fun, but we’ve been there and done that a number of times. And there’s still plenty of Latino Heat to go around with this quartet.

Right from the start, everyone slots nicely into a role. Andrade is the singles star, and this faction could be the springboard to get him into the main event. Theory & Garza are the young guns backing him up and working the tag scene. Vega is there to pull the strings, interfere in their matches, and work the occasional mixed tag.

If everything works out, after a year or so the supporting players should be ready for bigger things. They can be spun off or turned as needed, and there are lots of interesting possibilities there. The group can grow if it makes sense, too.

The biggest concern I have is that this group could be the third heel team on the red brand, after Seth Rollins & his acolytes and AJ Styles & The O.C. But I don’t think having the together will be any worse than having them operate on their own. There are different storytelling challenges, but things could go well or poorly for them either way.

Anyway, like I said, I’m intrigued by Los Ingobernables de WWE. What do you think of the group’s prospects, Cagesiders?

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