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At least WWE’s coronavirus PSA isn’t completely hypocritical

WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston, Charlotte Flair, and Drew McIntyre are featured in a new PSA from the Ad Council. It’s designed to raise awareness of habits individuals can develop to help with overall public health, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s good!

Somewhat ironic that WWE is promoting the collaboration on their website with the campaign’s “Staying home saves lives” slogan, however...

Seeing as their commitment to continuing to produce live television means their independent contractors are doing this...

Even when they’re 70 year old heart attack and stroke survivors [Note: Jerry Lawler deleted his tweet after this post went live, but the internet never forgets]...

The spot itself is strictly focused on good hygiene, though. That’s in line with how the company is approaching their work while much of the country and the world is adhering to stay-at-home orders. WWE’s public statements about the shows they’re doing at their Performance Center in Orlando have emphasized medical screening for everyone who participates, and deep cleaning procedures for the facility itself.

It is an important message, and another signal the company is addressing the pandemic - even if they’re not shutting down operations like most sports and entertainment companies have.

That’s all we can ask anyone do under the “current circumstances,” right?

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