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A pair of eyebrow-raising soundbites from The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a man of the people. You might even say he’s our champion.

As proof, look no further than The Great One’s efforts to stay connected with fans while sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic. Rocky’s been using Instagram to share stories with and answer questions from the public while sheltering place.

Over the weekend, he poured himself a glass of his Teremana brand tequila and fired up a live stream for a one-on-the millions (and millions) chat.

Two answers have the wrestling internet electrified.

In one, at the end of talking about what he misses about pro wrestling, Johnson says it’s “crazy” wrestlers are still wrestling amidst the global outbreak of COVID-19. He doesn’t address companies’ decision to keep producing shows, however. Just his amazement, and admiration for the wrestlers who are risking their health to entertain their audience.

“... I have a lot of love and respect for all the men and the women who continue to put their bodies on the line. And by the way - it’s crazy they’re continuing to put their bodies on the line as through this pandemic. They’re still working hard, and just wrestling and sweating [laughs] on each other, and just doing all this - but all in the name of entertaining the fans, which I think is always cool. Because wrestling has always had this adaptability to it that - is always very cool.”

The other isn’t news either. We already knew Johnson kept up with WWE’s new competitor - otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to shout out a specific promo from Dynamite. But any time one of the most famous people in the world says, “Yeah, I watch AEW,” wrestling fans are gonna talk about it. So here’s The Rock saying just that...

“Do I watch AEW? Yeah, I watch AEW. Of course I do. I’m very happy for the success of that company - cause it’s always a good thing. And it creates a hunger, which is good.”

So that’s what The Rock was cooking up for the pro wrestling discourse. Can ya smell it?

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