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Who has wrestled on the most consecutive pay-per-views as of April 2020?

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40 unique performers competed in a match on the main card of WrestleMania 36.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at which performers have currently wrestled on the most consecutive pay-per-view (PPV) events as of April 2020. The only rules are that the superstar must have wrestled for more than zero seconds on the main card of the PPV (sorry, pre-show fans), typical 24/7 title shenanigans will be ignored, and events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are omitted from this exercise.

  • 6 events - Asuka
  • 4 events - Aleister Black, Kofi Kingston
  • 3 events - Baszler, Bryan, Morrison, Strowman, Styles, Ziggler, Rollins
  • 2 events - Otis, Jimmy Uso, Street Profits, Zayn
  • 1 event - Bliss, Cross, Sane, Elias, Corbin, Lynch, Owens, Goldberg, Undertaker, Flair, Ripley, Lashley, Edge, Orton, Garza, Theory, Bayley, Evans, Naomi, Banks, Tamina, Cena, Wyatt, Lesnar, McIntyre

And here are the streaks that ended at WrestleMania:

  • 3 events - Big E, Miz
  • 2 events - Morgan, Logan, Natalya, Roode, Cesaro, Nakamura
  • 1 event - Gulak, Andrade, Carrillo, Tucker, Metalik, Dorado, Jey Uso, Murphy, Riott

I counted the Firefly Fun House match as a match for Cena and Wyatt even though it could be easily argued that it was not a match.

Asuka leads the way with six consecutive events, and even though she just lost her women’s tag team championship at WrestleMania, it’s easy to see her finding a spot in next month’s women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. She’s had a steady presence on many of these empty arena shows, including matches on both Raw and SmackDown this week.

Not much else really jumps out with the rest of the list. Shayna Baszler could find herself near the top of the list if her feud with Becky Lynch extends for another couple events. It will also be interesting to see what creative direction WWE has planned for Aleister Black over the next few months.

What do you think about this list of active streaks, Cagesiders? Which wrestler is most likely to fall off the list next?