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Randy Orton flashes cheeks in #KoalaChallenge

Randy Orton may be on lockdown, but his butt cheeks aren’t. Randy’s rump peaked out from his shorts while attempting the #KoalaChallenge with his wife, Kim.

The #KoalaChallenge is a teamwork gimmick where one person climbs up, over the back, down, then back up through the legs of the other person without touching the ground. Here are the Ortons achieving success on that challenge.

That was clean fun and all, but what really takes the cake is the fail outtake. Warning: Butt cheeks ahead.

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#fashionablylate #koalachallenge The fail

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That’s one of the better challenge clips I’ve seen. Their laughter is contagious. I’m not ashamed to admit that accidental butt cheek appearances crack me up. Heck, I giggle every time I see a plumber’s rear cleavage.

Let’s hope more WWE superstars try the #KoalaChallenge but only post the outtakes.

Which wrestling duo would you like see try the #KoalaChallenge?

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