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WWE television is about to be all about The Game

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Most of the big names from the past left after WrestleMania 36. But there’s one who sat out the Showcase of the Immortals for a change, and who is pretty much always available when WWE wants an Attitude Era hook to promote some television.

So, in two weeks, the celebration of 25 years of Triple H will start on the April 24 SmackDown.

Saying this anniversary party “kicks off” and “starts” in two weeks on the blue brand leads me to believe it will continue, likely onto Raw. Heck, maybe even on NXT, too... it’s not like he hasn’t been a familiar face on there over the past month.

I mean, let’s face it. This match from the April 30 episode of Wrestling Challenge (against convicted child molester Buck Zumhofe) deserves at least a week of festivities.

Ready to play some more of The Game?