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Alexa Bliss is not happy Ronda Rousey used the ‘f’ word

In an interesting confluence of news stories, Alexa Bliss is subtweeting Ronda Rousey.

Earlier this week, Nia Jax told a story on a public stream about Bliss repeatedly being injured in matches with “a certain someone”. You didn’t need to be a detective to figure out the injuries in question were the 2018 concussions Alexa suffered during matches with Rousey.

Bliss included a clip from the WWE Network 365 documentary many fans used to connect the dots between Nia’s story and Ronda in this tweet. The tweet itself appears to be in response to Ronda calling wrestling “fake fighting” in an interview with Steve-O that was released yesterday (April 10)...

One interpretation of Rousey’s chat with the former Jackass star is that it was calculated to set-up her return as a mega-heel whenever she and WWE decide to do some business. If you were already inclined to that notion, the timing of this certainly won’t disabuse you of it.

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