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WWE releases The Revival (Updated)

The longest running episodic drama on the sports entertainment rumor mill is over.

Reports that Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder asked to be released from their WWE contracts first surfaced in January 2019. The request was obviously not granted at that time, and regular reports about offers being made and rejected followed.

Along the way, The Revival intermittently appeared on television. Sometimes they were being jobbed out, sometimes they seemed on the verge of a push. Sometimes they were abjectly humiliated.

Dawson’s contract was believed to end sometime around WrestleMania 36, but word was Wilder’s had time extended for a 2017 injury. It appears WWE has decided to waive the three or so months they could have added to Dash’s deal.

However, if his or neither man’s contract was over, it’s possible the release will cause a non-compete clause to kick in. It’s not clear if a non-compete period can extend past an end date on a deal, though. That’s all just speculation at this point, so we’ll await reports on that.

In the meantime, fans will await signs the Top Guys and Young Bucks virtual internet feud might turn into a real one when AEW resumes operations.


UPDATE: Ryan Satin of WWE Backstage says there’s no non-compete in effect for either man.

Not that anyone is running shows now anyway...

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