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Roman Reigns will be written out of his WrestleMania match ‘in a unique manner’, according to Triple H

WWE Network

Triple H spoke to ESPN MMA’s Ariel Helwani as part of his WrestleMania 36 promotional tour.

Interspersed with a lot of talk of putting smiles on people’s faces, The Game again addresses Roman Reigns’ decision to remove himself from his scheduled match with Goldberg at the event which airs this weekend on WWE Network and PPV. Since his last comments on that situation, Reigns himself has confirmed that he asked out of WrestleMania 36.

While it’s clear Roman won’t be wrestling Goldberg for the Universal title, Haitch continued to keep coy about who will replace him (the spoiler answer is here) and how. He did promise it would be “unique”. And he did so after answering a question about the decision to go forward with WrestleMania by explaining why WWE was different from a straight sports product...

“We’re doing this to provide what we believe is an essential service in entertaining our fans, entertaining people around the world. You see that with ESPN picking up past WrestleManias, Fox, NBC and that partnership, even our historic content is evergreen in nature because of the storytelling aspect of what we do.

I say this a lot, we’re more akin to the Rocky movie than we are actual boxing. Once the event takes place live in boxing, you’re kind of done with it. With us, the Rocky movie, you’ll watch it over and over again because it’s the story and the characters and the emotion that you feel.”

And while explaining the different types of WWE fans to Helwani:

“You can watch our business in multiple different ways. One of them is the storyline aspect of it and to follow the storyline. Another way is the online component of it and the reality of it behind it.

Roman has his situation and his reasons for doing the things he’s doing, but I will say from our standpoint and the storyline standpoint, it’s going to play out in a unique manner and we want it to play out that way. I don’t want to give away the ending of the movie before the movie takes place. Everybody just has to watch and see how this unfolds. It will unfold in a unique way and I think it will be meaningful for everybody.”

It remains to be seen if the “unique manner” of revealing Reigns replacement will play out on SmackDown this Friday or during ‘Mania itself. Or if, whenever it happens, it puts a smile on your face.

H/T: Wrestling Inc for transcription

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