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Undertaker settles out of wrestler’s court in Chris Jericho catch phrase infringement case

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On Raw this past Monday (Mar. 30), Undertaker cut a hell of a promo on AJ Styles. During it, he referred to Styles’ OC running buddies as “those two assclowns, Gallows & Anderson”.

He doesn’t use it that often these days, but “assclown” has long been one of Chris Jericho’s go-to insults. That could be seen as catch phrase infingement, something Taker should know about since he presided over the WWE locker room’s “Wrestler’s Court” - where disputes between talent were adjudicated, and punishments handed out for breaches of unwritten rules.

The Dead Man’s use of “assclown” was brought to Le Champeon’s attention by a fan on Twitter, but it didn’t seem like Jericho wanted to press charges.

Ever the lawman, Taker still acknowledged his crime and said “sorry”.

Case dismissed.