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Matt Hardy pitched versions of Free The Delete with WWE stars instead of The Young Bucks

Matt Hardy’s YouTube channel

We’re still seeing the story of Matt Hardy’s future play out on his Free The Delete YouTube series. It’s also been featured a bit on Being The Elite too, since Matt & Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks showed up at the end of last Wednesday’s episode.

But apparently Hardy had a version of the series ready in the event he stayed in WWE and never became a free agent. He revealed as much while talking to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson over the weekend.

One of the people who could have showed up instead of the Bucks won’t surprise you. The other, who Matt doesn’t name despite making it crystal clear who he’s talking about, might.

Hardy: I had three different endings for Free The Delete, depending on where I ended up, and it was initially written to end up in WWE, so more or less there was one wildcard but it was going to be Bray Wyatt or the Young Bucks end up on Free The Delete when it was all said and done.

Johnson: So the end, it was either going to be one or the other in terms of who was going to show up at the end of this thing?

Hardy: Yeah, there were three options originally.

Johnson: Would the third have been Jeff Hardy or do you prefer to leave that one out in the open?

Hardy: There was an idea, it was a big idea that I gave to Vince and the WWE creative guys. I don’t know if it got pulled off. But it’s also a guy who is very well known for digging graves and burying souls. It would have been super cool if we’d been able to incorporate it, but that was the other idea and that might’ve been being a little too optimistic in what I could have got out of it.

Probably just as well. If Undertaker’s gong was heard on FTD, the internet would have broken in two.

Happy with how this is playing out, or frustrated by what might have been?

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