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WWE Raw results, live blog (Mar. 9, 2020): Edge returns

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Mar. 9, 2020) from the Capital One Arena in Washington DC, featuring all the fallout from the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Philadelphia.

Advertised for tonight: Edge is back, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


Come disconnect the dots with me, poppet, come disconnect the dots. It’s so beautiful, our lunacy, while I liveblog this here three hour pro wrestling show for you folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

Becky Lynch makes her entrance.

She says the time for joking is over because she finally knows who her WrestleMania opponent is— the cagefighter, Shayna Baszler. She rolls footage of Baszler absolutely dominating in the Elimination Chamber and a fallout promo from last night to boot. Becky talks about how Shayna took out Asuka, a woman that she personally spent years getting over, and puts over her accolades in both MMA and pro wrestling.

She calls Baszler a world-class scumbag and a black hole of charisma, and says that she might be a bitch, but she’s a bitch that runs this division. She talks about Shayna refusing to shake her hand last year and that she sees clearly now that she’s the biggest threat to come her way since she pried the title out of Ronda Rousey’s broken hand last year.

But Baszler’s not just here for a fight or for the title, she’s been hiding in the shadows for years waiting to rewrite history, because people like Lynch don’t beat world-class killers like her, but she’s got news for her. She thinks Shayna has been underestimating her, and she’s gonna smash her face in for it.

We see Rey Mysterio walking backstage to send us to break.

Angel Garza vs. Rey Mysterio

Side headlock, shot off, Mysterio hangs Garza up in the corner but he gets back in with a hammerlock. Flying mare to counter, going for a headscissors takeover but Angel blocks him and throws him off. Off the ropes, boot to the face, whip reversed, headstand in the corner and Garza blasts him in the face! Dropkick sends Rey to the floor and Angel tears his pants off to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Mysterio gets popped up into an Alarm Clock! Hanging Rey over the second rope, Garza off the ropes but the lucha great snaps off a dropkick to cut him off. Mysterio takes the action to the floor, low tope turns into a splash, dumping Angel back inside. Springboard seated senton, another one off the ropes, buzzsaw roundhouse kick gets two!

Springboard off the middle, Garza catches him and turns it into a slingshot inverted suplex! Rey gets an enzuigiri, sets him up, but nobody’s home for the 619! Superkick connects, Angel drawing him up to capitalize, underhooks but Mysterio backs into the corner to block. Garza sets him up top, jockeying for position, Rey wants the flip piledriver, Angel catches him, reverse into a tijeras, 619 connects!


Rey Mysterio wins by pinfall with the slingshot splash.

We get footage from earlier today of Kevin Owens running into Seth Rollins and his goon squad. Rollins offers him some popcorn but KO sees the attack coming and tries to get the jump on them by throwing his luggage! Of course, That Damn Numbers Game overwhelms him and they bury him in rubble until road agents come to check on him and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a video package for the NXT Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania.

Charlotte Flair makes her entrance.

She asks if we just saw that package and calls Rhea Ripley the next big thing and says it had her all fired up. But she’s confused— Rhea says in order to be the best, you have to beat the best, but Ripley doesn’t want to be anything like her, because she wants to be herself? She’s gonna make one point— Rhea cannot be her, will never be her, and there is only one of her.

So continue to be all shiny and enjoy all this hype, because it’s not going to last and she’s here to remind all of us why she’s fighting for the NXT title, and that’s to teach Ripley specifically a lesson. It’s one thing to stand in an empty stadium and talk about your hopes and dreams and another to stand in front of 90,000 people and be humbled by the Queen.

Enter Rhea Ripley.

She’s here to explain something— Flair cuts her off and says we’ve heard enough during the video package and this isn’t NXT, it’s Monday Night Raw. This is her kingdom! So Ripley is excused— and Rhea hauls off with a right hand that drops the Queen on the mat!

Randy Orton is shown hanging around a boiler room or something for some reason and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get some hype for tomorrow night’s WWE Backstage.

We’re informed that Lana is out filming a movie.

Bobby Lashley vs. Zack Ryder

Lashley with a shoulder block, smashing Ryder’s face into the turnbuckles and putting boots to him. Charging shoulder thrust, back into the corner, putting boots to Zack and choking him. Knees up on the charge but Bob sidesteps the dropkick and plants him with a huge spinebuster! Gutwrench lift...

Bobby Lashley wins by pinfall with the Yokosuka Cutter.

We get a recap of the beating Drew McIntyre handed Brock Lesnar last week and go to break.

Back from commercial, Aleister Black is in his room about to cut a promo when we hear a knock.

Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy roll up and he asks what he can do for them.

Rollins says it’s nice to formally meet him and he’s come with a proposition— as of late, Black has had an issue with the numbers game, but he’s an expert at it, and bottom line is he wants Aleister on his side and perhaps he’d consider joining the movement. Buddy throws him a shirt and Black throws it back, saying perhaps not. Seth says he wasn’t clear enough so he’ll say it plain— either you’re with him, or you’re against him.

Aleister says those sound like fighting words, and he knocked on the right door, because he accepts.

Drew McIntyre vs. Erick Rowan

McIntyre taking a look at the spider cage, boot up when Rowan charges in, throwing chops. Erick goes for the claw, Drew fights out and clotheslines him to the floor! Rowan pulls him out to the floor but McIntyre is able to throw him into the post and then belly-to-belly suplex him on the floor! Rolling in and out to break the count, Drew goes and gets the spider cage.

He goes and gets the steel steps... AND SQUASHES THE SPIDER WITH THE STEEL STEPS! Headbutt when Rowan comes over, back inside, post his shoulder, underhooks... FUTURE SHOCK! Kip-up, calling for it, counting down...

Drew McIntyre wins by pinfall with the Claymore.

We get a recap of the Randy Orton vs. Edge saga.

Kabuki Warriors make their entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Kabuki Warriors get on the mic and laugh a bunch.

They speak in Japanese, still laughing, before things get sad and they call Asuka’s injured wrist out, still speaking Japanese.

Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) vs. Liv Morgan & Natalya

Sane and Morgan to start, circling, collar and elbow, Kairi backs her into the ropes and breaks dirty, boxing her ears. Liv in with a slap, shoving her, back and forth, drop toehold into the ropes, whip into the corner, back splash and a tag to Natalya. Snap suplex, cover for two, whip across, Sane stops herself in the ropes and Ruby Riott makes her way to ringside to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Morgan gets a dropkick on Asuka and tags Neidhart in. Double whip into a double hip toss, cover for two. Sane gets an arm wringer in while Asuka has referee John Cone’s attention! Stepping on the arm, wrenching it in, tag to Kairi, she comes off the top with an axehandle to the elbow! Quick tags, targeting the arm, Asuka with a cross armbar at one point but Nattie keeps her hands clasped and wails on her with punches!

Guillotine choke applied, Sarah Logan makes her way to ringside and Neidhart hits a slam! Logan and Riott start brawling, Nattie gets a discus lariat on Sane for two! Asuka with the blind tag, Natalya with the Sharpshooter and the Empress drops her with a kick...

Kabuki Warriors win by pinfall with a roundhouse kick from Asuka on Natalya.

We see a nice pan across the loading area to send us to break.

Back from commercial, the OC make their entrance.

AJ Styles gets on the mic and says not once, but twice, the Undertaker has stuck his nose where it doesn’t belong, and he’s taken moments away from him. He stole a beautiful trophy from him at Super Showdown, and then last night he cost him a match, highlights of which we are about to see. Three years ago at WrestleMania, he saw the Undertaker get beat by Roman Reigns, and after the match he folded his jacket, took off his gloves and hat, and laid them nice and neat in the middle of the ring.

Halfway up the aisle he threw his fist up as if he were walking into the sunset, and truthfully Styles thinks he should have done that when Brock Lesnar beat him, but point is, it was a beautiful, powerful moment and Taker ruined it. Was it his ego, the spotlight? Whatever it is, it’s gonna cost him, because AJ wants him at WrestleMania!

10-15 years ago he might have been wary about calling him out, but he doesn’t see the monster anymore, he just sees an old man named Mark Calaway who should have retired ten years ago, in his prime. He doesn’t know what keeps him coming back, but he’s got a pretty good idea— it’s his wife, Michelle McCool. Styles hopes she’s watching ‘cause he’s about to let the cat out of the bag.

They’re married and she plays him like a fiddle— anything she wants, she gets, and she’s the most conniving person AJ has met in his entire life. So how about some advice for the Deadman? Your wife is gonna run you into the ground and Styles is gonna help her. He’s gonna make sure he dies in the ring at WrestleMania! Or to rephrase, he’s gonna take the Undertaker’s soul at WrestleMania!

He’s gonna do exactly what Michelle wants him to do— it’s simple, he’s challenging Taker to a one-on-one match at WrestleMania. C’mon, what have you got to lose? You’ve already lost your dignity, your pride, your mystique... you’re just a broken-down old man. Boo, cheer, yell, here’s the truth— these people don’t give a damn about the Undertaker, so accept the challenge and he promises he’ll literally put the nail in your coffin.

We see Aleister Black hanging out in his room to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Randy Orton is interviewed in the boiler room or wherever it is he’s doing snake business.

He refuses to speak and poor Charly has to back off.

Cedric Alexander vs. Riddick Moss (c) (WWE 24/7 Championship)

Moss just freight training Alexander to start, fallaway slam to the floor, headlock applied, jawbreaker to counter. Alexander with a strike rush, fighting back into it, pass to the apron, boot up, cover for two. Charging in, back body drop to the apron, Cedric with a club, springboard, Moss cuts him off and shoulder thrusts him in the corner...

Riddick Moss wins by pinfall with the hangman’s neckbreaker driver to retain the WWE 24/7 Championship.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Montel Vontavious Porter is on the mic and in the middle of cutting a promo.

He runs Washington, DC down and says at this point in his career he’s transitioning from in-ring competitor to absolute brainiac and he’s putting together a stable of talent. He’d like to start with a guy like Edge, and he thinks he’s the man to bring him back to the gold.

We cut to the loading bay and Edge rolls up and gets out of his vehicle, striding with vigor and intention like a man intent on whipping Randy Orton’s ass at some point tonight.

(You think you know me?)

Edge makes his entrance and gets on the mic immediately, calling Orton out, half-feral and screaming. MVP says his problem is he’s focusing on the wrong things and his mental is off. And speaking of the wrong things, how is your wife? SPEAR!

Orton attacks from behind but Edge gets the better of him and hits him with an Ace Crusher! Edge gets a chair and brings it to the ring before thinking better of it and getting a second chair. Randy runs away like a scaled dog but MVP gets caught in a head-and-arm triangle as Edge stares wild-eyed at the Viper! Porter on his hands and knees and clutching his throat, Edge picks him up, cravate... ACE CRUSHER ON THE STEEL CHAIR!

He lines MVP up on the one chair and tells Randy this is him... CON-CHAIR-TO! He turns Montel over and grabs the chair again... SECOND MOVEMENT!

After a long beat, Edge gives chase to send us to break.

Back from commercial, we’re informed that Undertaker and AJ Styles will sign a contract for their WrestleMania match next week.

We get a video package of Arnold Schwarzenegger giving Triple H some kind of lifetime achievement award.

A video package of hyping up Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre follows, starting off with Paul Heyman talking about how dominant Brock has been and finishing up with Drew talking about his plans to become WWE Champion.

Edge is interviewed backstage.

He’s informed that Randy Orton left the arena and he’s left speechless and wild-eyed.

Aleister Black vs. Seth Rollins

Circling, collar and elbow, shift to a waistlock, front chancery, Rollins gets a waistlock, rolling solebutt, Blackout misses, Black Mass misses, Black passes him to the floor, quebrada into the crossleg taunt and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Black with a waistlock, Rollins fights out with back elbows and hangs Aleister on the ropes to separate. Sling Blade connects, only two, and he follows it up with a reverse chinlock. Fighting out, violence in the corner, knee strike on the apron and Seth is still in control. Back inside, punches and chops, lining Black up, charging in, back body drop to the apron!

Rollins has himself together, springboard, nobody home and Aleister clobbers him with elbows. Kick rush, legsweep, off the ropes with a sliding knee and he kips up! Quebrada connects, Buddy Murphy running interference, folding press but Black kicks out! Roundhouse kick sets up a German suplex, Murphy breaks it up...

Aleister Black wins by disqualification, unannounced as usual.

Post-match, Aleister wails on Murphy but Rollins brushes him aside and calls for the Authors of Pain to come down. They join in the beatdown... VIKING RAIDERS MAKE THE SAVE! They’re just about overwhelmed when the Street Profits come down as well! The babyfaces clean house and stand tall!

Street Profits get on the mic and they want an eight-man tag team match!

Rollins accepts and we go to break before it can start.

Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar), Buddy Murphy, & Seth Rollins vs. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) & Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar)

Ford and Murphy to start, jockeying for position in the feeling out, Montez with a dropkick and the tag to Dawkins. Buddy gets away, tags made, Ivar and Akam clubbering away at each other but the Vikings pull ahead and start running quick tags. Rollins and Murphy save their teammates but the Raiders keep the battle plan up. Ford taking it to an Author, crossbody gets caught and Rezar hits the fallaway slam!

Heels working Ford over now, he gets away and tags Erik, who just hammers away at Murphy and then Rezar. Off the ropes, big man tope but Rezar catches him and they stare each other down until Buddy drops the Viking with Meteora to send us to break.

Back from commercial, the heels are in control and working Erik over, taking him to the floor and putting him into the barricade. Back inside, he nearly gets the tag but the match breaks down and nobody’s on the apron for him, so the beating continues. Finally Erik gets the knee off and the path is clear... TAG TO FORD! Montez in hot, crossbody for Murphy, dropkicks to clear the apron!

Dropkick for Buddy, float-over DDT, and we go to break.

Back from commercial and now the heels are working Ford over. Montez gets a schoolboy pin on Rollins, Seth comes back with a rear chinlock and tags Murphy in, who goes to the hold himself in short order. Ford fires up, feeling no pain but he takes a back suplex flat. Buddy wastes a moment taunting and Montez hits a superkick! Tag to Ivar, Warbeard just wiping everybody out!

Off the ropes, freight train crossbody, Banzai Drop, cartwheel lariat, fired right the hell up! Tag to Erik but Akam cuts off the springboard Hart Attack! Seth with a superkick into the Falcon Arrow but Ford breaks it up! Enzuigiri to Murphy, Akam plants him with a spinebuster, Dawkins with the spear! Rollins with another superkick, off the ropes and he runs into the big Rock Bottom!

Tag to Montez, frog splash... BUDDY MAKES THE SAVE! Angelo puts him on the apron and decks him, directing traffic... VIKINGS WITH STEREO SUICIDE DIVES! Rollins clips Dawkins with a diving knee, Ford hammers him with body blows and a superkick that sends the Monday Night Messiah to the floor. Point to the sign, off the ropes... TOPE CON GIRO!

Montez back inside, Rollins from outta nowhere...

Authors of Pain, Buddy Murphy, & Seth Rollins win by pinfall with Blackout from Rollins on Montez Ford.

Post-match, Kevin Owens is at ringside and he pulls Seth out of the ring to beat him down! Authors of Pain save their guy but KO hits a Stunner on Akam, low-bridges Rezar, and hits another Stunner on Murphy only for Rollins to hit Blackout! Seth fighting mad, he hits another Blackout!

He holds Kev’s head up and jaws at him before drawing him up again for a third Blackout!

That’s the show, folks.

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