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Elimination Chamber’s random Kickoff match is REALLY random

We figured there would be at least one match added to Elimination Chamber, probably for the Kickoff show. Give then very B-show feel of the card for Sun., Mar. 8 in Philadelphia, we figured it would be random.

What we didn’t count on was a babyface vs. babyface affair featuring one act that hasn’t appeared on Raw in 2020. But that’s exactly what Kayla Braxton announced on the WWE Now preview show (it’s about two minutes into this video, if you need confirmation)...


The last time Hawkins & Ryder were on something other than Main Event or a house show, they were getting squashed by Drew McIntyre on Dec. 30. Erik & Ivar have been in and out of the Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins story.

Yeah, we really don’t know.

But if you were on the fence about checking out the Kickoff, this surely pushed you right off.

Join us in the live blog for all the randomness coming our way from Elimination Chamber!

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