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The New Day made a bracket to determine the greatest TV show of all time, and there’s one right answer

It’s March, so folks are getting in on the March Madness tournament bracket fun in various ways. The New Day are using it to promote their podcast, where they’ve created a bracket of their own to determine the greatest TV show of all time:

Here’s a link to get to a page where you can print your own bracket, if you’re interested in such a thing.

There are some real gems in here — Chappelle’s Show should go far — but there’s one clear winner out of all the shows listed, and that’s Breaking Bad. You can maybe argue The Wire, but not much else.

I also love that this was clearly set up to lead to a showdown between X-Men and Batman in the animated region. Trying to decide between the two is a nearly impossible task. For my money, I’m probably going X-Men.

Now tell me how wrong I am.

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