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Scott Steiner trashes Triple H and the WWE Hall of Fame like only he can

Scott Steiner appeared on David Penzer’s Sitting Ringside podcast and was asked about what went wrong with his time in WWE.

Big Poppa Pump talked about his past frustrations with WWE like only he can, and specifically set his sights on Triple H:

“Triple H beat everybody...when a guy’s a mark and he wants to beat everybody, and who is a legitimate pussy...Of course it does help banging the boss’s daughter, so you know he took advantage of everything that he could. And he beat everybody from WCW, why? They treated everybody like shit. We’re all in the same business. Wrestling is a small-knit community. It’s a brotherhood. But you’re gonna treat us bad ‘cause we wrestled for somebody else? I mean it made no sense. And now it’s biting them in the ass. They would kill, fucking kill, for half the ratings that they had when we had the Monday Night Wars. Look at them, it’s biting them in the ass and fuck ‘em. They got what they deserved.”

“It’s nothing different, like CM Punk said the same thing I said, what 8 years, 9 years later, what I said about Triple H, what he said about the business. Moxley said basically the same thing. That is the worst place ever to work. Every time I worked there I wanted to quit.”

Steiner also didn’t hold back when discussing WWE’s Hall of Fame:

“First off, where in the fuck is the Hall of Fame? How can you be in the Hall of Fame if it doesn’t exist? It exists in Vince’s mind. Do I give a fuck if I rent space in Vince’s mind? Fuck no, I don’t give a fuck what he thinks. So I don’t care if I’m in the Hall of Fame ‘cause it’s a fuckin’ joke ‘cause it don’t exist. Why do I care if I go in the Hall of Fame? It’s not there. Go visit it! Where? Where are you gonna go visit it at?”

There were some lighthearted moments in the interview as well, that were not laced with profanity. Scott Steiner joked that he double checked all of his numbers for the Steiner Math promo with a Harvard professor, and then said that the infamous promo was actually done in one take.

That promo alone should be enough to get Steiner inducted into any professional wrestling Hall of Fame. But given the vitriol coming out of his mouth here, it’s extremely unlikely that he’ll be joining the WWE Hall of Fame any time soon.

Check out the full Steiner interview on David Penzer’s Sitting Ringside podcast here.

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