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Velveteen Dream just lost a match to set himself up as Adam Cole’s next challenger

The main event of the Mar. 4 edition was the show’s second cage match of the night. Both matches saw the heels pay a price but win the match. But only the Roderick Strong/Velveteen Dream closer featured Marina Shafir, her husband’s butt, and the set-up for the the NXT title match at TakeOver: Tampa.

Strong showed up dressed for a street fight, infuriated that his opponent’s spent weeks dragging his wife and son into his trash talk.

It took him a while to lose his shoes and shirt, and at one point during an escape attempt, Dream grabbed him by the waistband of his jeans and treated all of Full Sail to a mostly full moon.

Before that, Shafir had run in to slip her man a kendo stick.

That didn’t really factor into the ending too much, but it gave both men something to hurt each other with. It also allowed Velveteen to take out the other members of Undisputed ERA when they tried to get involved. Well, all but one of them anyway.

Either because it was Dream’s plan all along, or because he improvised quickly, once he had Adam Cole in the cage, Velveteen shoved Roddy to the floor. That handed his rival a win, but it gave him a chance to lock the cage with only he and Cole inside. Strong tried to re-enter to help his leader, but failed. The champ ended up taking a Dream Valley Driver onto a steel chair, and a shot to the face with his own belt. The ERA were laid out as Dream posed atop the cage with their last remaining title.

This was an interesting way to let Roddy get a win in his feud with Velveteen Dream, while also setting the youngster up as the man who could finally dethrone Cole on WrestleMania weekend.

Dig it?

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