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The McCool family unhappy with WWE for leaving Michelle off list of ‘greatest women to capture a title’

It’s Women’s History Month, and that means WWE media doing a very media thing and capitalizing on it in various ways that are easy to share on social channels. In this particular instance, WWE put together a long list of “some of the greatest women to capture a championship in WWE and NXT.”

That list did not include Michelle McCool, and she wasn’t happy about it:

Naturally, WWE responded by updating the list to add McCool to it, but she wasn’t much having it:

Neither was her husband:

McCool is often overlooked because she was at or near the top during a time when WWE was still treating the women on the roster as eye candy more than legitimate wrestlers. McCool has told stories of getting yelled at for working too hard in her matches. Again, it was a different time, and unfortunately she missed out reaping the rewards of the changes she, among others, worked hard for. That’s why this snub must feel that much worse.

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