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This better be leading to Becky Lynch catching a beating

Becky Lynch’s “The Man” persona is built around swagger.

It started as Lynch believing in herself because no one else did. An aborted heel turn showed Becky and her bosses that a lot of us believed in her, too. There were fits and starts along the way, but by last summer WWE was all aboard the Bex Express. Suddenly The Man had a lot of evidence that she was, well, The Man.

There was one last vulnerability in her armor. But with her successful Raw Women’s title defense over Asuka at Royal Rumble - and the obligatory Raw rematch - Lynch is really feeling herself now.

Over the past month, Becky is channeling another famous Irish champion known for running his mouth and (usually) backing it up. Problem is, most of Conor McGregor’s schtick doesn’t scream babyface. Sure, there will always be folks whole love an arrogant @$$hole. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t crack a smile when The Man added Jerry Lawler’s crown to her oversized coat and glasses ensemble. She is pretty good at the whole cocky jerk thing.

That’s not what I love about Becky Lynch, though. Fortunately, the path back to what I do love about is Becky Lynch pretty clear.

Ever seen Rocky III?

In that very pro wrestling-adjacent flick, featuring not one but two WWE Hall of Famers, Rocky Balboa has been coasting after finally beating Apollo Creed for the Heavyweight strap. Brash young upstart Clubber Lang arrives with a public challenge that Rocky feels he has to answer. He does, and promptly gets his ass handed to him. Balboa goes away for a while, but comes back humble & hungry to reclaim his spot as the king of the boxing world.

Now, Becky doesn’t have a manager who can die right after she loses to Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania 36. Which hopefully means she won’t turn to her greatest rival for coaching. But I digress...

The formula is there. And it’s one that helps create a new star in Baszler, gives Lynch the rumored time off she (and fiance Seth Rollins) are said to want after ‘Mania, and brings her back as something closer to the character most of us rallied around in the fall of 2018.

Heck, she even used to call herself Becky Balboa. Maybe it’s time to get back to that.

The more she struts around Raw like a peacock the way she did last night, the more I’m looking forward to it.

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