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Brock Lesnar did everything he could to make Drew McIntyre look like a star

After a pair of big WrestleMania matches were set-up without violence last week, it sure was nice to see Drew McIntyre Claymore Brock Lesnar’s face off right at the top of Raw last night (Mar. 2).

The point of the segment, obviously, was to get over how much of a threat McIntyre is to Lesnar, and what a nonsense badass Drew is in general. Check, and check.

What it also did was remind us of a couple of Brock’s strengths, and why he’s such a unique sports entertainment talent.

For one thing, there’s just something about seeing a man that size bumping like that. Sure, McIntyre has Claymored a lot of dudes faces off. But seeing 280-odd pounds of muscle turned inside out is something else. Lesnar knows how to sell.

That’s not the only way Brock knows how to sell. Lesnar is a showman, and he’s been creating meme-able moments since GIFs were shared on message boards and MySpace.

So when Drew got caught up in the moment at the end of Monday’s segment, Brock made sure his challenger remembered to pick up the WWE title and pose with it to create the right final impression in fans’ minds.

You can hear him do it in this clip:

Brock’s always gonna catch some crap for not loving the business enough or whatever, but the man knows what he’s doing out there. And this proves he won’t hesitate to share that knowledge when the scene calls for it.

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