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Firefly Fun House returns on SmackDown

Between losing the Universal title to Goldberg at Super ShowDown and peacefully starting a WrestleMania 36 feud with John Cena the next night, Bray Wyatt has a controversial couple of days last week. Some of the most interesting elements of those events came via Wyatt’s social media. It was there that we got a sense of how what happened in Riyadh and Boston fit into the larger story Bray’s been telling since he returned as a children’s-show-host-who-turns-into-a-demonic-clown last spring.

So it’s welcome news that Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House will return on SmackDown this week (Fri., Mar. 6).

If past Fun Houses are any indication, this should include some clever, funny/scary bits which bring his tweets about Goldberg (and maybe the title) never meaning anything to him, and why the Cena match had to happen at WrestleMania, further into the storyline. That won’t convince everyone that last week wasn’t a disaster, but it’ll make things better for some. It’s also a good story, or at least the best save of the story we have that I can think of.

For his part, Cena is still selling the possibility that he might never have returned to WWE if Bray and the fans hadn’t convinced him to take this match.

That also doesn’t sound like someone planning to make a bunch of appearances over the next month, so selling this feud is going to be on Wyatt.

He continues the job on Friday.

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