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WWE gives very bad advice on how to spend your time with their Network

He’s also wearing a diaper.

A lot of people are staying at home right now trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Thankfully, WWE has an entire network of archival wrestling footage that you can spend months of your life watching, if you so choose, to pass the time.

Naturally, has taken to offering their recommendations on what you should watch from WWE Network. Considering the sheer amount of high quality wrestling to choose from, I just can’t let this one specific recommendation slide:

“The entire WWE In Your House library”

Umm, what?

They justify the idea of watching the entire library of WWE’s In Your House events by claiming you can see the rise of stars like Steve Austin, Mankind, The Rock, Triple H, and Kane. Those stars were more heavily featured in the latter half of the In Your House events.

The main problem with this recommendation is that the In Your House series of events began in 1995, which is remembered as one of the worst years in company history, with viewers leaving in droves.

Diesel vs. Psycho Sid is the main event of the very first event, from May 1995. That card also featured Mabel vs. Adam Bomb. Bret Hart vs. Hakushi was a fine match, but there are much better ways to spend your time than watching the entire card.

The second In Your House event featured a rematch between Diesel and Sid in the main event, this time in a lumberjack match.

Sid shows up again on the third event, this time in a singles match with Henry Godwinn. Waylon Mercy and Dean Douglas also wrestled on this card, for those fans who have nostalgia for fleeting gimmicks from that time.

In Your House 4 didn’t really improve things much, featuring matches like Yokozuna vs. Mabel, Dean Douglas being screwed over by The Kliq, and another sub par Diesel main event, this time against the British Bulldog.

The main events got better at that point once Diesel dropped the title to Bret Hart at the end of 1995. But throughout 1996 we still got undercard matches like Razor Ramon vs. The 1-2-3 Kid in a Crybaby match that involved the loser wearing a diaper, Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Duke the Dumpster Droese, Mark Henry vs. Jerry Lawler, Sid vs. Vader, and the Ultimate Warrior versus Goldust. One of the cards was actually named Beware of Dog, and featured a power outage during the show.

I won’t take up much more of your time with these examples, because I think you get the idea. The quality of the In Your House events generally mirrored the quality of WWF television at that time. It was brutal in 1995, turned the corner towards the end of 1996, had some gems in 1997 like Canadian Stampede, and then disappeared in 1998 once the Attitude Era was officially anointed.

There is definitely some worthwhile content to be found from these cards, particularly in the latter half of the In Your House library. But no, you should not spend your time watching every single one of these In Your House events. There is just too much other high quality content that you can find elsewhere on WWE Network to waste it away on all these matches from 1995 and 1996 with the likes of Diesel, Sid, and King Mabel.

What are your thoughts and memories from the In Your House era of WWF pay-per-views?

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