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Coach Gulak will lead Daniel Bryan to victory over Brock Lesnar

Daniel Bryan spoke to The Bump this week and was asked about his thoughts on possibly facing Brock Lesnar one more time before the end of his career.

Bryan came up short against The Beast at Survivor Series 2018 in one of Brock’s better matches over the last few years, and he explained his idea for the story of that match:

“I don’t consider myself losing that match. And they never mention this on WWE TV at all, but if you watch that match, I never kicked out of anything. The reason why is because...I was transitioning from the old Daniel Bryan to the new Daniel Bryan. Part of my thing, I really wanted to antagonize Brock Lesnar to beat me up as much as he could, because I felt like he needed to beat the old Daniel Bryan out of me. And I feel like he did a very good job of that.”

There’s no point in dwelling on the past for too long. So what about now? If Bryan had one more shot at Lesnar, could he beat him now, with the YES movement fully behind him this time?

“I believe...with Drew as my coach, the excellent Coach Gulak, that I could come out on top this time.”

Bryan fielded some related questions about how jealous Mayor Kane was of his new relationship with Gulak. Gulak eventually joined the interview and explained that he and Bryan “would kick some serious ass as a tag team”, but for now, the focus was all on getting Bryan an Intercontinental championship match at WrestleMania 36. If Bryan wins that title, he plans to turn it into a hemp championship.

The way I read this is that Step 1 is winning the Intercontinental championship, Step 2 is kicking ass as a tag team, and then Brock Lesnar better watch out, because Coach Gulak is going to lead Bryan to victory over him.

That sounds like a feasible plan to me. Do you want to see pure babyface Daniel Bryan go against Brock Lesnar before he calls it quits?

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