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Drew McIntyre praises Brock Lesnar’s ‘genius’ for the Royal Rumble match booking

Drew McIntyre recently spoke with talkSPORT and offered a behind the scenes glimpse of his victory in the men’s Royal Rumble match earlier this year.

McIntyre was doubtful that he would win the match even after he was told of the planned finish on the day of the show, because plans in WWE often change at the last second:

“The day of the show. I had a feeling that we were heading the way of Brock potentially, but it almost seemed too good to be true. Like a dream scenario for me and I don’t believe anything until it happens. Regarding winning it, certainly, I’ve been down to win a few things in my career – especially my early career – that never actually happened.

And some of them were changed at the very last second, some very big matches. So I don’t believe anything until it actually happens – that’s how I stay sane I guess?”

McIntyre then gave all the credit for the story of the match to Lesnar:

“...the way the Rumble was put together, he had a very clear vision in his head. It was all about story, what’s the best story and what makes this story. Some people didn’t get to necessarily do what they wanted to do in there, but it would have been a cool moment in that match that would have been forgotten about a week from the Rumble.

But if it wasn’t for that story that went in there to build Brock up as the monster he truly is, which in turn made Drew McIntyre when I put him out, that’s the reason the reaction was so big. He made sure that story was told correctly. Watching him put that together, watching him at work, that was the first time I went ‘wow, this guy is really a genius’.

How had I never noticed this?! I should have just been watching him operate. He’s all about the bigger picture and not the reaction in the moment.

It’s about getting people invested, making people care about the big featured match in the future.”

Unfortunately for Drew, that ‘big featured match in the future’ will now take place in front of no live audience, which could theoretically pull the rug right out from underneath him. Can you imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin’s win at WrestleMania 14 being such a big deal if there was no live audience to react to him holding the WWF championship in the air while posing on the buckle? What about Daniel Bryan’s WWE championship victory at WrestleMania 30?

Hopefully Brock Lesnar has some genius ideas on how to handle that situation as well.

You can check out the full interview with McIntyre over at talkSPORT, where he also discussed how worried he was that the fans might not embrace him if they instead preferred Edge as the winner of the Royal Rumble match.

Do you agree with McIntyre that the story of this year’s Royal Rumble match was ‘genius’?

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