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Io Shirai returns, qualifies for the TakeOver ladder match

NXT advertised a match between Aliyah and Xia Li in a qualifying match for the #1 contenders ladder match. They even had some some history with Li busting Aliyah’s nose months back.

But the match never happened.

Aliyah came to the ring first, but when Xia’s music played, she didn’t come out. Cameras soon found her backstage grasping her knee. It was clear that she’d be unable to compete, and Aliyah had no problem with that.

Unfortunately for her, William Regal called an immediate audible and sent out someone who is cleared to compete: Io Shirai.

Returning from a knee injury, the Evil Genius of the Sky made quick work of Aliyah. She is now part of the big #1 contenders ladder match.

We don’t know who attacked poor Xia. It looked like Aliyah was in the know, which would make it someone more like her old pal Vanessa Borne or maybe the woman she had been teaming with on the Florida House Show loop, Taynara. Of course, it could also be Io, who was working heel prior to her injury. But then Aliyah wouldn’t have anything to do with it.

We’ll find that out eventually. But right now, we welcome back Io Shirai, who will be a great addition to this ladder match.

You can find the results to NXT at the live blog here.

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