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Possibly the best thing to come from WWE putting on empty arena shows

As a guest on The Bump earlier today (Mar. 25), Daniel Bryan got to talk about wrestling in an empty Performance Center. A clip of that is embedded above.

It’s a pretty standard question for WWE talent now. We’re in the middle of probably a month worth of shows filmed with no fans in the seats. Even WrestleMania 36 will happen on a closed set with as few people as possible due to the coronavirus pandemic. But Matt Camp’s question was leading Bryan somewhere. And that somewhere was one of my favorite things ever.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Bear

If you’ve never seen the three-part mockumentary series chronicling Bryan’s feud with The Bear (a little person in a teddy bear costume), smash that link above and settle in for about twenty minutes of glorious absurdity.

We don’t know exactly why it exists. It’s the culmination of a years long obsession/running gag Bryan had with the carnivorous caniforms that first showed up on the Saturday Morning Slam kid’s program, then weaved through The JBL & Cole Show before finally landing on the late, great Talking Smack where DB & Renee Young lobbied WWE to “Release The Bear”.

All we know is we’re glad it does. And we’re glad The Bump gave Daniel an excuse to bring it up.

We definitely wouldn’t say we’re glad the empty PC shows happened in order to give us thie reminder about Daniel Bryan vs. The Bear. But for my money, that reminder is the best thing to come out of those shows so far.

Now if you’re excuse me, I’m gonna go watch Renee try not to break while Bryan’s cutting an impassioned promos about bear souls and human pride.

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