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Lots of WWE Superstars have a different take on supporting indie wrestlers than Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman caused a stir with some Instagram comments, and follow-up tweets, about supporting independent wrestlers who can’t work due to the coronavirus pandemic.

His stance didn’t hold up very well - in large part because Braun was railing against gofundme-type donation efforts when most indie workers are just pitching merchandise or other pay-for-service products. And while he’s probably not the only member of the roster who’d put forward a similar argument, his position thankfully doesn’t seem to be too pervasive backstage.

We already knew Mustafa Ali was dedicated to helping the roster of a promotion out of his hometown, and he didn’t let numerous issues with Freelance’s plans stop him:

Lio Rush will be raising money for indie workers all next week on his Instagram, as he seeks to help folks make up for lost WrestleMania week revenue. Rush says he’ll bring special guests to his Live, then and share links to their accounts or merch pages at the end of each stream.

Aleister Black went with a simple shoutout, asking people to buy indie wrestler merch if they can.

Shelton Benjamin took a similar tack...

... and then asked fans to stop bringing Braun into it*, and instead spread some positivity by looping in wrestlers who need the exposure right now.

Good stuff.

* Yeah, I did the same thing Shelton asked us not to do with the headline. But experience tells me this post will get a lot more attention referencing Strowman and his recent controversy. Hopefully, some of those clicks will turn into sales for some of my faves like Veda Scott or Tre’ Lamar. Otherwise, I’ll just be called a hypocritical clickbaiter. Won’t be the first time...

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