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Samoa Joe’s suspension is over

It may have been the least significant hurdle to his getting back in the ring, but Samoa Joe’s 30-day suspension for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy is over.

Joe’s suspension went into effect on Mon., Feb. 24.

He could be used in the WrestleMania 36 tapings going on today and tomorrow (Mar. 25 - 26), but if he is, it will likely be as a surprise participant. Between his suspension and injuries he was dealing with prior to its announcement, Joe hasn’t been a big factor in Raw’s storylines the past couple months.

The Kevin Owens/Seth Rollins match is a possibility, as Joe was one of many KO’s enlisted for multi-man matches against The Monday Night Messiah. But even if WWE wants to use him there, we don’t know that Joe’s been medically cleared to compete. He was allegedly out with a concussion suffered during a commercial shoot when his suspension started. Joe also suffered a concussion on the Jan. 27 episode of Raw.

And then there’s the whole pandemic thing you may have heard about...

Wouldn’t be surprising if we don’t see Samoa Joe on our screens for a while. But there’s nothing in the Wellness Policy keeping him from showing up when he’s healthy, and things gets back closer to normal.

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