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Bayley has Dana Brooke’s replacement lined up for WrestleMania

First and foremost, sending a good thought to Dana Brooke, Rey Mysterio, and anyone quarantined in relation to the pandemic. Stay safe and get well soon.

That said, this tweet from Bayley identifying a replacement for Brooke in her SmackDown Women’s title defense at WrestleMania 36 is brilliant.

  1. She’s not only calling attention to her ‘Mania match. The Role Model is also promoting Raw and that brand’s Women’s title match. In an angle last night, challenger Shayna Bazler menaced Charly Caruso in their interview... before Bazler was attacked by champion Becky Lynch (Bayley also reveled in her fellow Horsewoman cracking a chair across Shayna’s back, something she enjoyed doing herself in last fall’s Survivor Series build).
  2. Trying to get a non-wrestler into the match is great heel move. Caruso is in great shape, but she’d be an easy out.
  3. Mocking everything about the match and how it was set-up is also good heeling. Doing it with the laugh out loud description “a battle royal invitational elimination match made by ex general manager, Paige” that almost sounds like something WWE would announce - Boneyard Match, anyone? - is the icing on the cake.

In summary, this is a good tweet about a bad situation. And don’t turn Bayley face.

UPDATE: Charly accepted! But I'm afraid Bay has some bad news...

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