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Big Show’s Netflix sitcom is so TGIF it even has Urkel

Don’t believe me? Check out the new trailer for the April 6 premiering ‘The Big Show Show’ here.

Weeeellll, it’s a laugh track!

This series, about a fictional version of Show (who’s a fictional version of Paul Wight... whoa) re-adjusting to life after retirement and integrating a teenage daughter from a previous relationship into his new family, actually looks quite sweet.

Just know that WWE and Netflix are starting their production partnership squarely in Full House territory with The Big Show Show.

In addition to the trailer embedded above, you can also check out a photo gallery that teases guest stars like Rikishi, Mark Henry, Mick Foley, and Queer Eye/Next In Fashion’s Tan France, here.

Whose ready for some dad jokes and tears?

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