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AEW’s Tony Khan jokingly takes credit for WWE changing their empty arena camera position

For the Mar. 23 Raw, WWE’s fourth television production filmed on a closed set from their Performance Center in Orlando, the hard (or mounted) camera was moved. Instead of seeing empty seats behind performers while they cut promos in the ring, we saw the stage.

It’s how AEW shot their first empty arena Dynamite last Wednesday (Mar. 18) at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. And that’s caused a lot of people to assume WWE got the idea from their newest competitor.

In reality... who knows? Stationary cams have been positioned in that spot, and others, for a variety of reasons by many companies - including Ring of Honor, and even WWE itself at certain venues.

But AEW President Tony Khan seems happy to encourage the notion WWE followed his lead, in a tongue-in-cheek manner...

One of his employees is giving Khan credit too, following his boss’ lead with a GIF...

It’s a rivalry, and I don’t think there’s any harm in having fun with it. There’s nothing wrong with using a good idea, regardless of where it comes from. Most fans, and I assume Khan himself, know there’s not much new under the sun. Vince McMahon could respond to the ad promoting Chris Jericho & Matt Hardy for tomorrow’s Dynamite with a “You’re welcome” meme and it would be just as applicable.

Anyway... thanks AEW and WWE for giving us something to talk about.

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