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The type of humor we can expect from Gronk & Mojo

Won’t lie, I giggled. I’m just saying ‘69’ jokes are probably a good example of what we’re gonna get from these two.

Geno pretty much summed it up last night. Rob Gronkowski’s WWE career started on the Mar. 20 SmackDown with Gronk being Gronk.

Your mileage on the NFL star-turned-Fox Sports commentator’s party boy jock persona will vary. But as the t-shirt they released for the WrestleMania 36 host, and the four videos they’ve released of him on YouTube prove - if you plan to watch the company’s product, you’re going be seeing a lot of it.

One of those YouTube joints, the Fallout interview embedded above, is another good indicator of what “Gronk being himself” means. It means a happy-go-lucky meathead popping himself and his boy by repeatedly saying the numbers six and nine. Because sex!

You hyped for club music, dancing, and fart jokes?

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