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With gyms closed, wrestlers tag in their favorite home workouts!

You too can look like Drew!

Recently, Men’s Health released a video featuring 2020 Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre talking about his pre-WrestleMania work out. Naturally, I clicked on the article because Drew McIntyre is a sex god I love fitness!

It’s nothing spectacular really, just Drew talking about his personal road to WrestleMania 36 while showing off his amazing biceps and how after he got fired from WWE he refocused his efforts in the gym. #blessed He walks the viewers through his day of ‘Mania workout describing why he does each move while demonstrating it. It’s very....informative.

After I got done watching this video four times and wiping the drool from my face it made me curious about other wrestler themed workouts that I could try at home. If you’re like me being stuck inside has meant endless hours of sitting on my rump staring at my computer. Not. Moving. On a normal day, I need motivation to work out and with the lure of my computer, cats and pj’s my motivation has gone from 20% to 0%. So I thought where better to look for workout encouragement than from my favorite wrestlers? Thank god for the internet!

While Drew’s workout isn’t one that is designed to be done at home if you have dumbbells it can be easily modified. If modification ain’t your thing or you don’t happen to have large weights at home don’t worry! YouTube is full of videos of wrestlers working out. I know because I’ve searched Yeah science. ANYWAYS. Below I’ve compiled two body weight videos and two that require small dumbbells.

(If you don’t have dumbbells at home a quick google search can give you inspiration for dumbbell substitution! Don’t let those college text books go to waste!)

Alexa Bliss: Plyo & Core

Let me just say this. Alexa Bliss is a maniac. This core workout is supposed to be her “recovery day!” Even Sheamus can hardly keep up!

That being said, Alexa’s routine, while brutal, is fast paced and full of variety. You won’t get bored trying to keep up with Lil Miss Bliss, but you may not be able to get off the floor after.

Mandy Rose: Body Weight Workout

Mandy Rose was a fitness and figure competitor before joining WWE and as such has always had a dream worthy bod.

It’s honestly ridiculous that she brags about eating donuts! Like, we get it. You’re fun, love donuts and are goddess level fit. Dolph doesn’t deserve you!!

Moving we have a video of Mandy sharing an all body weight workout spread from Muscle & Fitness. The video isn’t super dynamic (it’s literally just stills and text from the magazine), but it’s a great workout that requires zero equipment.

Finish this and you’ll have definitely earned yourself a quarantine donut!

Mustafa Ali: Cardio Circuits

If you’ve been missing Ali on TV then this is the video for you! Not only is this video something you can easily do at home, but it’s a great example of cross cultural unity (something we desperately need in this trying time) as Sheamus is fasting with Ali for Ramadan.

Like the Alexa Bliss video, this one is all circuit training so it is fast, furious and full of variety. I like this one because Ali is unsurprisingly so encouraging and he makes you want to work harder. I mean, they are both doing it after a day of fasting! You have no excuses!

Can you tell I like Celtic Warrior Workouts? Look, Sheamus is hot & charming and he brings out a side of the wrestlers we never get to see. I highly recommend his workout’s with Becky Lynch. They won’t help you much at home, but they will alleviate some boredom.

Bella Twins: bellabody

And finally, the Queens of #content, The Bella Twins, have a whole series of workouts on their YouTube channel under the playlist “bellabody.”

I like these ones because not only do most of them focus on things that can be done at home with minimal equipment, but there are options for people who are pregnant or unused to doing strenuous workouts. No Alexa Bliss “recovery day” nonsense here.

Yeah, yeah, I get it. I am a a blatant Bella Twins mark. Look. THEY ARE ENTERTAINING!

Well Cagesiders, I expect you all to be #swole by the time this ordeal is over! Or at the very least I hope I have given you plenty of YouTube rabbit holes to distract you.

If you have other wrestler workouts you like please share below! Stay sane.

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