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Jeff Hardy gets his wish

After appearing on WWE Backstage on Mar. 3, Jeff Hardy did that show’s usual Twitter Q & A gimmick. One of the questions had to do with his old theme song, “No More Words” by Endeverafter. The fan who tweeted Hardy about bringing back his old entrance tune informed him the band’s lead singer said WWE owned the rights to “No More Words”.

That prompted Jeff to say:

“Oh my god, yes! That would be the best thing ever! As far as motivating me, that would change my wrestling career. I’ve been dying to get that song back and now that I see this, and as far as if there’s truth to it, then WWE - they have no reason why they shouldn’t do that. So please, WWE. Let me come out to ‘No More Words’.”

Endeverafter’s banger was Hardy’s music during his most successful singles run with WWE back in the late aughts. It was featured on 2008’s WWE: The Music, Volume 8 (in the olden days, not everyone had Spotify, kids. There used to be these things called albums. Your parents went somewhere, handed another human being money so we could get a piece of plastic to put in or on a machine, and that played songs for us).

Anyway... on The Bump this morning (Mar. 20), Jeff let the world know he got his wish!

Things seem to be lining up for one more big solo run in WWE for The Charismatic Enigma.

You as excited for it as Hardy seems to be?

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