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Chris Jericho is a big fan of WWE’s decision to make Goldberg Universal champ

It didn’t hurt their Friday night ratings. The opposite, in fact. Goldberg as Universal champion contributed to SmackDown’s best numbers in months on Fri., Feb. 28.

There are still plenty of fans who are unhappy with the decision. Even acknowledging the short-term gains, there are legitimate questions about if it’s the kind of thing which has hurt WWE’s business over the long haul.

One person who knows a thing or two about the business is all in on strapping Bill:

Is now-former AEW World champion a voice we can trust here, though? They’ve made up after having a rocky relationship in WCW (and a backstage fight early in Goldberg’s first WWE run), and guys from the same era do tend to support one another.

But they do work for competing companies, and the fact Goldberg’s last title win bumped Jericho’s feud with Kevin Owens to the midcard of WrestleMania 33 & led to his decision to leave the company. There’s also Jericho’s use of the favorite word of Bill’s current behind-the-scenes nemesis. I can see this tweet being meant earnestly or sarcastically.

Which way do you read it, Cagesiders?

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