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Sasha Banks is proud to main event the WrestleMania pre-show

Roman Reigns is the Big Dog, so when it was announced that WrestleMania was taking place on two nights, he claimed one of those main event matches for himself, in his yard.

That didn’t sit too well with Edge, whose storyline with Randy Orton is the best thing going in WWE today. The Rated R Superstar responded with some trash talk towards the Big Pup, asserting that the Wolf was now in the yard, and he was marking his territory in the main event of WrestleMania 36.

In a time like this, where the testosterone is getting a bit out of hand and some dudes are unnecessarily pounding their chests with pointless animal metaphors, and using stupid hashtags like #MainMainEvent, leave it to Sasha Banks to step in and own them both.

It was just last month that Banks said she was looking forward to being on the WrestleMania pre-show with Bayley so she could get out of Dodge and catch up on her beauty sleep. It looks like now she has upped the ante a bit and is determined to take her rightful place in the main event of said pre-show.

All I can say is, the Dog and the Wolf will need to raise their Twitter game if they hope to ever be on the same level as The Boss.

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