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Edge is excited for empty arena WrestleMania, but Randy Orton doesn’t seem thrilled

When Edge decided to come out of retirement, he didn’t envision his first singles match in almost nine years taking place on an empty set.

But that’s what he’s scheduled to do now that the coronavirus pandemic has forced WrestleMania 36 from Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium to the WWE Performance Center, and other closed set locations on Sun., April 5 (and now Sat., April 4, too).

In an interview with The Gorilla Position podcast, the Hall of Famer admits he’d rather it be in a more traditional setting. But Edge told hosts James Delow and Tom Fordy he’s looking at the situation he and Randy Orton - and the other wrestlers on the Sun., Mar. 5 card - are facing as a creative challenge. It’s one he thinks they’re ready to tackle:

“Here’s the crazy part - it’s never been done before, right? Or, there’s been the empty arena match with Mick [Foley] and Rock, but nothing like this. Nothing like WrestleMania in an empty Performance Center. It hasn’t been done. And sure, it’s not ideal. We all get it. But we have to make due, and we have to figure out, we have to adapt - and that’s what this whole thing will be.

I know, and I feel confident because I know in Randy, I have one of - and I don’t say this lightly - one of the best ever, or possibly and it’s all subjective - truly the best to ever do this. Now you get my brain, and his natural ability on this thing, and I’m excited. I’m excited of what we can do and what we can bring to the audience. Because, dude, all bets are off. There’s no rules. It’s an entirely blank canvas...

That’s a challenge I thrive on. I like to think it’s a challenge Randy thrives on, too.”

It’s hard to tell if Orton agrees. All we have is an Instagram. He might not like empty arena ‘Mania, or two-night ‘Mania. He might just be pissed he’s not on the graphic. That gripe could be in character. His hashtag could indicate it’s all of the above.

Whatever is is, I’m almost positive this caption doesn’t mean, “I’m excited for the challenge!”

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Well ain’t that some bullshit. #letmecounttheways

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No wonder these guys have been trying to kill each other.

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