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Lio Rush isn’t comfortable wrestling during the coronavirus pandemic

While WWE continues struggling to put on shows during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, doing so to an empty arena at the WWE Performance Center while restrictions on large gatherings are in place, another problem could rear its head: how comfortable the performers are with actually performing.

During an interview with Forbes, Lio Rush was asked if he’s comfortable with wrestling while all this is going on. His answer:

“I am not. Just because how the situation has kind of flared up, and the little amount of time it has [flared up], I just don’t think it’s smart. I dunno. I just feel like all of the wrestlers, and the production crew and just everybody involved are coming from different states, and coming from different countries, and travel through airports and being in contact with everybody. So, yeah, I definitely—I don’t feel comfortable with the whole idea of it.”

Rumors have indicated WWE won’t punish any wrestler for choosing to avoid traveling to work shows, and let’s hope that’s the case.

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