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The best Stone Cold Stunner sells

Happy 3:16 Day!

Steve Austin will be on Raw tonight (Mar. 16) to mark the occasion - and plug the new episode of The Broken Skull Sessions premiering on WWE Network after the USA broadcast ends at 11 p.m. ET.

While we wonder what the Rattlesnake will do with no fans to promo to, WWE’s doing a lot of talking about Stone Cold’s finisher. They released the above top ten of best Stunner “reactions”, which includes versions of the move from Kevin Owens, Ember Moon, and even one of Austin himself taking it from The Rock.

They also have a post on their website with where their editors pick their favorite stunners. There are some duplicates there, giving deserving showcases to things like the height Scott Hall got at WrestleMania X-8, and Santino Marella’s epic mid-sell salute.

Both lists agree that The Rock deserves a top spot, and I can’t argue with that. The top pick in the video is probably the best example, since it combined the two variations The Great One had - the zombie and the flop.

There a few exclusions from both lists. One is Austin’s most famous nemesis. For all the great moments Vince McMahon and Stone Cold shared, the boss’ preferred Stunner sell was pretty pedestrian. It just kind of... stunned him, I guess.

It worked for the feud, but as WWE’s lists remind us... Shane was the best McMahon Stunner seller (the less said about Linda, the better).

A couple personal faves who didn’t make either list. Rocky and Shawn Michaels are remembered for their over-the-top bumps, but Chris Jericho belongs in the conversation there, too.

Also always been a big fan of how Kurt Angle’s “TIMBER!”.

Let us know your favorite below, with or without GIF. And always remember there’s someone who sold it even worse than his former head of the Small Business Administration...

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