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Even The New Day aren’t sold on their greatest TV show of all time winner

A couple weeks back, in a simpler time, back when people were making brackets for things to tie-in to March Madness instead of replacing it, The New Day announced 64 television shows from which they would determine “The Greatest TV Show of All Time”.

Over the last two episodes of their Feel The Power podcast, Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods (with the help of producer Dan Ryckert, and a coin flip or two) have discussed and debated their bracket and come up with a winner. We’re gonna spoil the ending here so (a) fair warning, and (b) I still encourage you to listen to both parts of their tournament, because it’s great - and worth your time for Kofi’s indignation at a couple of surprising early exits in the Mar. 9 edition alone.

Now, as many pointed out, the tournament’s design was... questionable. Grouping shows into “regions” of drama, comedy, animation, and game shows limits things from the start. And there didn’t appear to be much thought put into seeding, so a lot of popular and critically acclaimed shows faced off in the first and second rounds.

But it was all in the name of fun, and would really only give us an indication of what these three people liked anyway.

It kind of failed at that too, though.

The Final Four was The Chappelle Show vs. Dragon Ball Z, and The Price is Right vs. The X-Files. Big E was pretty much already out by this point, as Chappelle was really the only thing he’d supported that was still alive. Dave was no match for Woods & Kingston’s love for DBZ, however (they continued to throw New Day’s WrestleMania 32 cosplay in Big’s face whenever he didn’t go Super Saiyan). On the other side, Kof & X’s picked plinko over Mulder & Scully.

In the end, Bob Barker & WWE Hall of Famer Drew Carey were no match for Goku & The Z Warriors.

But when it came time to formally announce the winner, it became clear that only Kingston thought Dragon Ball Z was really the best TV show of all time. As mentioned, E was already out. And Woods couldn’t get through the promo without talking about his dearly departed Golden Girls (another hilarious elimination from part one).

Ah well, it was a fun diversion. We need all of those we can get these days.

Enjoy Feel The Power wherever you get your podcasts (the official show page has links to most of the most popular services).

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