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Dash Wilder trademarks a new name, takes a few digs at WWE

The long saga of The Revival and WWE looks to finally be wrapping up.

Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder are said to be at home waiting out the end of their contracts (coming up in April & July, respectively). We’ve told you about the team’s efforts to secure trademarks for their post-WWE careers in the past, and PWInsider reports Wilder recently applied for another interesting one - “Cash Wheeler”.

The performer behind the Dash character’s real name is Daniel Wheeler. That and the uses listed on the application (for use on merchandise, working in “wrestling contests”, and appearing as “a professional wrestler and sports entertainment personality”) support the notion “Cash Wheeler” will be the name Wilder works under after July.

While he’s off the road, Dash is doing more than just brainstorming new names. He’s also interacting with his soon-to-be-former co-workers about The ‘E!

During SmackDown, he replied to Riddick Moss with a copyright joke.

And after 205 Live, he commiserated with Jack Gallagher about Kushida & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott not taking advantage of the five second teams legally have to work to keep both men in the ring after a tag (something Dash has preached on social media in the past).

You tell ‘em, Cash.

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