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Rezar will reportedly be out for a while with torn biceps

Rezar was seen holding his arm towards the end of Raw, and naturally rumors began to spread that he was injured.

Dave Meltzer addressed Rezar’s status on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio:

“Torn right biceps. It was when Montez Ford did the crossbody and he caught him, that’s when the biceps went out.”

“Rezar’s gonna be off TV for a while.”

WWE kept both members of AOP off TV the last time one of them went down due to injury. But considering their current role as Seth Rollins’ silent backup muscle, Akam can probably remain on television in that role while Rezar is out recovering.

If Rollins needs a new disciple to replace Rezar for the next six months or so, who do you think will get the call?

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