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Ciampa & Gargano destroy the Performance Center, and each other

Last week, Johnny Gargano promised he’d deal with Tommaso Ciampa on Mar. 11, and that he’d do it on his terms. During tonight’s special edition of NXT from the Performance Center, Ciampa sought to cut him off by hitting the ring for the main event segment and calling his former tag partner out.

Gargano showed up on the big screen to deliver a very logical promo about how evil Tommaso was during his pre-injury NXT title reign and the way the fans embraced him upon his return without an explanation or apology.

Ciampa wasn’t hearing it and headed back to the conference room he knew Johnny was filming in. And the brawl was on!

It involved crutches and weights used as weapons as the action spilled through the trainer’s room and the gym.

Eventually, they were out in the arena again...

... and up on the perch, where Drake Wuertz was blasted for trying to stop them, and then things progressed to a spot which left them both incapacitated... Ciampa’s Air Raid Crash through the announce table.

Hard to see how they’ll top this, but I imagine they’ll try at TakeOver: Tampa (provided it happens).

Tonight’s NXT definitely happened, and you can find eveything that happened there in our live blog here.

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