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WWE really had The Fiend pointing at the WrestleMania sign

It’s been over a day now, so I just need to make sure that’s a real thing that happened.

I’ll be damned.

Look, John Cena’s return to WWE was good in the sense that, well, it’s John Cena and he’s good for business. It was bad in pretty much every other way. When I say “bad” I mean the story they came up with was downright ridiculous.

This man quite literally made a big return to say he wouldn’t be taking anyone’s spot at WrestleMania. He wanted to make sure to announce this, that he wouldn’t be wrestling on a show when he hasn’t even been around for months and months anyway, in front of his friends and family in a place he calls home. Not that he is retiring, mind you. Just that he’s not wrestling on a show.

His reasoning? So he wouldn’t take up a spot from someone who is around all the time and more deserving of it.

He immediately changed his mind just as soon as someone showed up to challenge him to a match. Like, he hardly even seemed to consider declining.

Still, I cannot believe anyone on Earth, even a 74-year-old man, would think it a good idea to have your big bad monster ask for a match with someone, and then think it a good idea to have him ask for it by doing the cheesiest thing in an already cheesy production.

Then again, that same 74-year-old man thought it a good idea to have that big bad monster soundly beaten and defeated by a 53-year-old who had wrestled six matches in the previous four years.

Anyway, let’s all get excited about a match between a guy who didn’t want to wrestle on the show and a monster who was no match for an old man who hardly ever wrestles.

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