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Please put the 24/7 championship back on R-Truth

This isn’t fun anymore.

The 24/7 championship debuted to little fanfare, in part because the title is the ugliest thing you’ll ever see, but also because no one really cares all that much about the concept. Those that do, however, absolutely love it. They love it because it’s one of the few things about WWE that is genuinely different. It has such potential for the kind of great fun you don’t get during the course of your typical episode of Raw or SmackDown.

That’s all gone now.

Instead, we get this:

And then this:

This horrendously lame attempt at legitimizing the title without playing it for laughs just comes off sad. Mojo isn’t getting over and this isn’t doing Riddick Moss any favors as he gets his start on the main roster. It’s just a pointless segment designed to showcase a little more of the guy headlining WrestleMania 36.

R-Truth would have made this work in a way that guaranteed it would be fun while also showcasing how much of a beast Drew McIntyre can be. And he’s so untouchable as a character, taking the loss wouldn’t make a difference in how fans feel about him. It’s the difference between Truth being a guy who lost a match, and Rawley just being a loser.

Please put the title back on Truth.

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