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Roman, Sasha, Rock, Naitch & Bryan - this was a very wrestling Super Bowl

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We didn’t get a Pentagon-themed celebration from George Kittle*, but pro wrestling still had quite a presence throughout Super Bowl LIV last night (Feb. 2).

On the pre-game, Sasha Banks & Roman Reigns made an appearance at Joe Buck & Troy Aikman's Pizza Hut party:

For the game, it started off the top. Turns out the teased promo from Dwayne Johnson was two promos - one hyping up the San Francisco 49ers, and another doing the same for the Kansas City Chiefs. In lieu of more traditional introductions, pre-taped videos of The Rock brought the teams out of the tunnel and onto the field for the game:

During the game, or I guess I should say during the breaks in the game, wrestling continued to make its presence known. Ric Flair led an assortment of flamboyant pitch people for hummus.

And when Discover had the gall to build a campaign around the words “yes” and “no” without Daniel Bryan, he let ‘em know:

Given the level of crossover marketing going on last night (seriously, I’m pretty sure Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Charlie Day now has a commercial cinematic universe built around him), I’m pretty sure this is a work... but it’s also kind of cool. Discover acted fast when they saw Bryan’s tweet...

Kind of a weird look from Mr. Anti-Conspicuous Consumption, but hey, imagine the good he can do now that he can add “featured in a Super Bowl commercial” to the old resume?

Now we await the inevitable tweet from Triple H about the Chiefs’ custom WWE title belt.

I bet Kittle is gutted he won’t get to strap on one of those. Maybe next year, People’s Tight End...

* Actually, there was a “Cero Miedo”, but since he was called for offensive pass interference on the play, I don’t think it counts.