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Bray Wyatt is working hard to make it all make sense

Count me among those who didn’t love the decision to strap Goldberg at Super ShowDown, and was underwhelmed by the initial set-up of Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena for WrestleMania 36.

But I’m also someone who’s learned to trust Wyatt will make anything he’s involved in at least interesting. He started to spin his week that way with a tweet sent in between Thursday’s PPV and Friday’s TV, and he’s continued since SmackDown ended with The Fiend pointing at the ‘Mania sign.

There’s a ton of history between Cena and Wyatt that fits perfectly into Bray’s current character work. He’s reminding us Fireflys that though the path here may not have been what we envisioned in our minds, he’s got a plan...

As his post-Super ShowDown tweet seemed to indicate, Bray’s aware of the fan criticism. He’s even addressed one of the ones about last night.

His replies continue to point at some frustration from the man behind the character, though (or he’s playing into that to serve his character... babyface Fiend coming?). Like this exchange with his design partner:

Bray’s trying... are you still going to let this feud in? Or do the last few days have you checked out of the Fun House?

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